Sara Yun gave up ‘the perfect life’ that her family had set up for her in 2002 right after she graduated with a bachelor degree of a non fashion design related major. She brought the dream of being a fashion designer with her to Beijing. One year later she went to RAFFLES to study fashion design for 2 years and did the further education in CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS after.

In 2006 Sara had her very first fashion show in Beijing Imperial City Gallery as well as being involved in the Beijing Fashion Design Association. It had attracted the attentions from an amazing group of fashion experts. Right after that she started working with many celebrities and fashion firms. However, only six month later she chose to drop everything she had and again just kept looking for the physical and spiritual herself.

Her simple and delicate life is just about enjoying music, shuttling between the exhibitions, talking history and studying all over different places, plus having a little alcohol and tobacco. She’s just happy in her own simple way.

Ever since 2009 she had aslo started actively working with charity organizations like Caisangzi and Brandnv.

In 2011 she finally established her own brand SARAYUN.


No.102, 2-Building, Central Park

No.6 Chaowai Street

Chaoyang, Beijing


+86 10-8404-7648



Fumin Road

Jian’an, Shanghai


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606 No 13 Building Central Park

Chaoyang, Beijing


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